AVESAA Energy Limited (AEL) is involved in ranges of quality procurement and engineering services such as:

Equipment and Material Supply Services

We have expertise in procuring quality and cost-effective materials listed below:

  • Welding and Cutting Equipment
  • Instrumentation and Control Equipment
  • Pump and Accessories
  • Hoses and Fluid handling Equipment
  • Drill Pipe, Fittings and Flanges
  • Consumables and tools
  • Compressors and Parts
  • Valves, Motors, and Relays
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Fire Protective Equipment
Facilities Maintenance Services

Our Engineers and Technicians conduct maintenance activities on electrical, mechanical and instrumentation facilities on Onshore and offshore platform. The scope of Oil and Gas Facilities Maintenance Support that we provide includes:

  • Complete plant operation and maintenance management
  • Single-source accountability for all service areas
  • On-site warehouse management, routine maintenance, operators and logistics staff

We support our client regularly in monitoring any equipment to ensure its continued operation and identify any possible area of premature failure. This aims at improving the awareness of essential personnel (including topside engineers, technical and operational personnel) to avoid asset failures. Our major coverage areas include;

  • Storage Facility Maintenance
  • Cathodic Protection & Coating
Integrity Test Services

AVESAA Energy Limited (AEL) is pleased to support the physical structures and equipment of its clients. Through integrity inspections, we ensure ongoing operations and fast repair of any threatening defects and breakdowns.

The integrity inspection services offered by AVESAA Energy Limited are of the highest quality, and always use the most advanced technologies and trusted methods. Further, the approach is to allow clients to continue running their facilities, even during inspections.

Our two (2) major coverage areas include;

  • Pressure Testing/Leak Detection of Vessels/Pipelines
  • Surface and Underground Oil & Gas Storage Tanks
Technical Manpower Support

With our experience in providing Engineering, Geo-science and management personnel for short term and long-term projects, we provide clients with tailor made temporary or permanent staffing solutions, varying from the provision of just one individual professional to complete project team. Outsourcing manpower contracting and recruitment to AVESAA Energy Limited (AEL), helps clients to focus on their core business, without the added administrative burden involved in personnel management.

Our two (2) major coverage areas include;

  • Recruitment
  • Payroll Management

We deliver quality and render exceptional engineering service solutions