Dedicated to maintaining excellent standards of health and safety

AVESAA Energy Limited (AEL)  works in a challenging industry which makes significant contributions to the economic prosperity of our society. The challenges that confront us include having to manage hazards associated with our activities.  

Our HSSE commitment of ‘No harm to people’ requires our employees and contractors to have the capability to identify and manage hazards associated with their activities to “As Low as Reasonably Practical” (ALARP).

HSSE Policy

AVESAA ENERGY LIMITED (AEL) HSE goals are simply stated-no accidents, no harm to people, and no damage to the environment. Activates are carried out putting into foremost account the Health and Safety of its employees, contractors, clients and third parties. They are our most valuable resource and no phase of business is of greater importance than their personal safety. We believe that all incidents can be prevented and that HSSE is an integral part of everyone's job. Each level of management is responsible for demonstrating HSSE leadership, providing a safe work environment, promoting HSSE as a value and maintaining a zero harm on the environment.

Quality Policy

It is the company policy of AVESAA ENERGY LIMITED (AEL) to supply our clients with high quality products and services which conform to local and international standards and meets client needs. We ensure that our services are delivered timely in compliance to our contractual requirements and in a cost-effective manner